About Us

At Paramount Apparel International, LLC. we are known for our quality craftsmanship, strong leadership, and great ability to forecast market needs. As a privately held corporation led by the third and fourth generation of the founding family, we offer renowned customer service and have an instilled environment of pride.

Our Mission Statement & Values

We create consumer products that embellish and enrich people’s lives. Our responsiveness, continuous improvement, and empowerment of all team members are the pillars of our success.

  • Speed:  Driving and quickly responding to all aspects of the business.
  • Well-being:  Promote a healthy family/work balance as well as a safe, stimulating, and enjoyable work environment.
  • Excellence: Establish high standards and strive to exceed them.
  • Passion: Enthusiasm and dedication to what we do without complacency.
  • Trustworthiness: Always doing the right thing for our customers and team members.

Our History

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1929 Founded
1936 Relocated
1946 Family
1968 Tradition
1990 Growth
1995 Expansion
1997 Services
1998 International
2002 Licensed Products
2010 Remodel
2011 Sponsor
2012 Imperial
2013 Ellington
2015 DYO
2016 Warehouse
2017 VMS
2018 Vulcan
2020 Custom
2021 CPC

Global Responsibility: Eco-Friendly​

To make Paramount Apparel’s strong focus on sustainability efforts a success, we believe that informing customers and employees with information related to our goals and achievements is a necessity.  We need both our employees and customers to be aware of the continued efforts we will share as a whole. Responsibility starts with the company as one entity and turns into the responsibility of individuals.  We have focused on a number of projects throughout Paramount’s operations to effectively become more eco-friendly as we manufacture apparel and headwear both domestically and globally.  Green efforts such as establishing extensive recycling programs, using recycled materials such as cardboard, paper, and plastic in our day-to-day activities and converting to more environmentally-friendly lighting, heating, and cooling are just some examples of our continued pledge of global responsibility.

Diversity Equals Empowerment

At Paramount, we hold true to our local community’s values, work ethic and diversity while continually striving to reflect the diversity of the greater community that makes up our nation.


We know that different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative work environment, which in turn delivers better results for our team, our customers and our communities.


We believe that what makes you unique is also what makes you valuable. Allowing everyone to feel empowered to bring their full, authentic selves to work builds an inclusive culture that encourages, supports and celebrates the diverse voices of all of our team.


Most importantly, creating an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work is simply the right thing to do.